Low Blood Sugar on Ketogenic Diet Worries and What to Do

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Low Blood Sugar on Ketogenic Diet

Low Blood Sugar on Ketogenic Diet might be your worries, but this is normal until you know well about how this diet does the proper metabolism on your body.  If you have weight problems and want to go on a diet to lose weight, is necessary.  In ketogenic diet, this is the simple way; we change our body metabolism into burning the fat as the only source of energy we have. Your body will do it because it doesn’t have more carbs to burned.

However, what you have to know is to pay attention to what kind of diet method that you use to lose your weight. The ketogenic diet is one of the most popular and desirable dietary methods for losing a person’s weight, but do you know if ketogenic diet has a harmful effect on our body, if we do not run it properly.

One of the effects that will be very harmful to you and the health of your body is the effect of levels blood sugar on the body. The blood sugar in the body has a function as a source of energy, likened to a vehicle that need a fuel to run then the function of blood sugar in the body is to create the energy to make your body become strong.

We can get Blood sugar intake from the carbohydrates that exist in the daily. And while doing ketogenic diet we have to reduce the intake of carbohydrate, then what will happen if we have low blood sugar on ketogenic diet? Let us examine more deeply in the discussion below.

The effect of lacking blood sugar

In running ketogenic diet, we rely on fat as the main energy intake for our body and reduce carbohydrate intake. Then how we can get energy for our body? To get energy we have to consume carbohydrates to be processed by the pancreas to make it glucose, which acts as energy by spreading on every part of the body.

However, our body not only use carbohydrates as energy but there is another energy source, actually our body can also use the fat processed by the liver to produce a substance called ketone that the body uses as a carbohydrate replacement. With this substance we can have the power that we can use even without the consumption of carbohydrate.

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Even we get energy from ketone, our blood sugar in body will remain at a low size because of the absence of sugar and carbohydrate intake in the body this is what will trigger the occurrence of hypoglycemia. This is the situation that caused low blood sugar on ketogenic diet in the body that cause dizziness, nausea, weakness and vomiting.

Another trigger of hypoglycemia can be caused by someone who consumes too much alcohol, because the alcohol content of the substance will make the liver become damaged and difficulty in distributing insulin in the body so that blood sugar levels will decrease, because of lack of insulin.

Another cause of hypoglycemia is when a person has abnormalities in the pituitary or adrenal glands, while other diseases that may cause hypoglycemia are the occurrence of hepatitis, anorexia, or tumors of the pancreas that cause pancreatic malfunction and cannot produce insulin causing a decrease in blood sugar in a person’s body.

Blood sugar levels in the body can be caused by many factors. Therefore, we must be able to maintain health and maintain food intake in our bodies, so that the sugar levels in the body does not drop drastically. When the blood sugar in a person’s body decreases drastically to below 40mg / dL then the effect will be very dangerous, starting with an unconscious talk or rambling and then difficult to concentrate, followed by body limp to not able to stand, feel the muscles in the body twitch, even a person may experience seizures, strokes, even coma, and the most dangerous effect is to cause a person to die.

Who would have thought the effects of a lack of blood sugar would be very dangerous like this? For someone who is doing ketogenic diet activity you should not do this diet in the long term so that side effects of decreased blood sugar caused by reduced carbohydrate intake does not happen to you. Having the ideal weight is indeed the dream of everyone but you should still pay attention to your body’s health while on a diet, if the diet is actually damaging your body look for other dietary methods that have a lower risk. Ask your nutritionist to get the best advice so you can set the best diet intake.

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How to deal with low blood sugar

The effect of low sugar blood is very terrible, what if our body has hypoglycemia, but what if our body has already felt the symptoms of hypoglycemia? You should be vigilant and take action to prevent your blood sugar while doing ketogenic diet is not decreasing.

If you are on a ketogenic diet and have lower blood sugar levels, the first thing you should do is give your body a 15g carbohydrate intake. If we have consumed 15 grams of carbohydrate then 15 minutes then you should test back your blood sugar if your blood sugar has returned to normal or still below 70mg / dL.

If your blood sugar condition is still under normal circumstances then you can add another 15g of carbohydrate intake into the body to increase sugar levels in the body then, do the test again after 15 minutes later. If you have a low blood sugar on ketogenic diet you should not worry about your diet failure, because the effects that you will experience if you have severe hypoglycemia will be very detrimental.

To get the intake of 15g carbohydrates you can consume 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of regular sugar, 1 cup or equivalent to 100 ml regular sodas, 100 ml fruit juice, the type of intake food that we should consume is a lot of sugar because it is glucose that is needed by body.

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