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Lyle McDonald Ketogenic Diet

Lyle McDonald Ketogenic Diet answers our anxiety in a diet that we usually need a guide to make our diet work. one of the guides we can get is using a book by Lyle McDonald’s “The Ketogenic Diet: a complete guide for dieter or practitioner” published in 1998. Although this book seems very old this book is still widely used as a diet guide.

To do a diet, it requires a careful planning. Not only careful planning but our hearts and desires also need to be strengthened and strengthened so as not to stop in the middle of the road and make your efforts in vain. Doing ketogenic diet is very hard for anyone because we are prohibited from consuming carbohydrates in large quantities, the source of energy we get is through fat. Here is a Lyle McDonald Ketogenic Diet plan that you can do at home to get your discipline to do it.

Lyle McDonald is a researcher and coach who works with various athletes who are responsible for training, diet and food intake on the athlete. Lyle has written over 40 articles when he graduated from college and has been posted on various websites such as cyberpump, Griffin’s weights page, and Kyle Wilson weights page. In addition, Lyle’s articles are also printed on Newspaper Dan Duchaine’s Dirty Dieting newsletter, Hard gainer magazine, and Dave Greenwalt’s Power Store Newsletter. And in the end, he released a book on ketogenic diet in 1998.

In the book, there are various guidelines on the ketogenic diet that has now been developed. Lyle is the originator of the ketogenic type that is targeted ketogenic diet and cycling ketogenic diet. in our discussion this time will discuss Lyle McDonald ketogenic diet.

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Exercise to get a balance Lyle McDonald Ketogenic Diet

Exercising is an activity you should do if you want the ideal weight. With exercise, you can burn fat on your body so that your body weight will decrease. But if you force yourself by exercising without any ingress of food in your body it will cause your body in a state of starvation which will certainly slow the burning of fat so that your weight will not decrease. There is no scientific explanation on this but all you have to do is keep your body so that the organs in your body can cultivate it and help burn fat in the body. There are many types of sports you can do to help you lose weight. In his book Lyle gives some advice on what exercises you can do to compensate for ketogenic diets. here are some sports Lyle McDonald ketogenic diet:

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Lyle McDonald Ketogenic Diet guide book

  1. Aerobics, which is meant here is not aerobic exercise but aerobic exercise is a sport that is done continuously. in his book, Lyle said aerobic exercise that is walking, jogging, and swimming is a suitable sport done when undergoing ketogenic diet. You can do aerobic exercise for at least 3 times a week to get the weight loss result in your body. The effect of doing aerobics when diet has a great effect to lose weight. With this exercise, you can smooth your blood flow and burn a lot of fat.
  2. Exercise interval is a sports activity interspersed with a break on the sidelines of your sports activities. This resting activity can be rest by way of decreasing the intensity of the activity by slowing down the activity. One type of interval training activity is running differently from aerobic walking or jogging. The training interval burns fatter due to the higher intensity of activity so that the burned fat will be more. the best time to do this exercise is a maximum of 3 times a week.
  3. Weight training, there are 3 types of muscle exercises that have different effects on the body. Concentric muscle action is a sport done to raise your muscle mass, this exercise will not lose weight but increase your weight by building muscle in your body. Eccentric muscle action, muscle exercises designed to lose weight. Isometric muscle action, this activity can help raise also lose weight depending on the intensity of activities that we do. This exercise is usually done every day for approximately 30 minutes.

Lyle McDonald Ketogenic Diet on How to Stop the Ketogenic Diet

Once we get the results we want such as the ideal weight or perfect body shape we will definitely stop the diet that we do. But typing diet suddenly will cause adverse effects on the body and could have raised our weight drastically. But in fact, if someone who has been on a low carb diet and then stop it then the weight will surely rise periodically. Then how to solve it? our struggle to lose weight will be useless if we do not do the diet stop carefully. Therefore, Lyle McDonald Ketogenic Diet gives us some advice on how to stop the ketogenic diet based on the type of dietary ketogenic method that we do.

  1. Standard ketogenic diet, this diet is the basic diet of various types of ketogenic diet other. If a person does not have an excessively high intensity of exercise they will usually use this type of diet to live. If you choose to stop doing this diet method then to balance it then you have to exercise to burn fat and balance so that your weight does not rise drastically.
  2. Cyclic Ketogenic diet (CKD), actually Lyle has 2 suggestions one of which is still running this diet because of this diet we are still allowed to eat carbohydrates during offset by high-intensity exercise. The second suggestion suggested by Lyle is by increasing the number of calories that enter the body by increasing the amount of carbohydrate consumption up to 50% but still balanced with the intensity of the sport.
  3. Targeted ketogenic diet, as well as TKD, to stop this diet we can raise consumption of carbohydrates that are balanced with the sport.
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At the Lyle McDonald Ketogenic Diet, it said that the sudden stoping of a diet can be caused by several internal factors but one of the factors is the health effects caused by lack of carbohydrate consumption in the body that can lead to long-term health decline.

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