How Much Weight Did Adele Lose and Her Diet Secrets

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How Much Weight Did Adele Lose and Her Diet Secrets

How much weight did Adele lose? A very interesting question knowing how this talented female singer has had her body transformed. When she first appeared, we all know how her appearance was. But now after years have passed, she seems to be much better in shape and in health. Yes, everyone loves how she appears now. Looking at her and reading about her struggle to be in shape through controlled diet shows another example that obesity is definitely something one can manage. There is no excuse of not being able to lose weight because we are indeed in control over our body. Well, let’s see Adele’s journey to shed more pounds.

Despite being in a world travel quite often, Adele had still managed to be committed in her diet program. This is what makes her diet journey interesting. The transformation might not be quick but everyone saw every progress she made during her journey to a better and fit body. Just like Adele said herself, she wasn’t being obsessed over her diet. Instead, she just let all the things to happen naturally. Of course, she had also several keys to be success in her diet that finally made her lose more than 30 lbs. That’s quite a number and it definitely takes serious effort and commitment.

To Live Healthy and Long

Instead of desiring a perfect body like a Victoria Secret model, Adele desired to have long and healthy life through her diet. Well, that’s a different reason than most of people who choose to be on diet. It’s not just about losing weight but during her transformation, it was also about getting rid of her bad habit, smoking. Yes, she managed to quit smoking although she was already being used to smoke around 25 cigarettes every day. Well, that was definitely a lot of cigarettes.

How much weight did Adele lose? Now that Adele has had a transformation, we all see how more beautiful sexier she is now. She looks great, fit and fresh. She seems to be much more confidence showing off her body. She definitely is a role model for other women to follow. What makes it curious is how she could manage to achieve the goal. That’s what we are going to discuss. Revealing her top secrets to a slimmer body and healthier life is something interesting.

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4 Secrets to Adele’s Diet

There are exactly 4 secrets behind the Adele’s diet program that had made her lose more pounds and shape her body beautifully.

1.     No sugar at all

2.     3 times a week exercise

3.     Lower body resistance workouts

4.     Consume metabolism booster

Natural Metabolism Booster

What is common among dieters is consuming the stimulant and caffeine based fat burners. But apparently, Adele didn’t choose the same path. Instead, her trainer recommended her to consume the natural weight loss pill and metabolism booster. Those natural products are to increase her energy and spark her metabolism. And the result was amazing. She loved all those pills and boosters that had given her extra energy and better metabolism at the same time.

Rainbow Diet Foods

Some said as the world’s healthiest diet, the rainbow foods based diet was the thing that made Adele lost many pounds. As the name suggest, this diet includes many natural colored foods that provide the body with huge variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The rainbow foods include a variety of vegetables and fruits like grapes, watermelon, pineapple, cucumbers, carrots, red bell peppers, broccoli, blueberry and so many more. Thanks to all the nutrients and fibers from those foods that she managed to be full all day long without craving for sugary treats.

Still in the diet, drink a lot of water is a must especially in the morning. And, when she had some craving, she chose almond instead of any sugary treats. And, she continued drinking water afterward to full her stomach.

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Adele admits that she is a type of person who has sweet tooth which means she often craves for something sweet throughout the day especially when she is busy. Beside almond, she apparently has some healthy alternatives she still eats today to keep her weight under control. For instance, she will eat the chocolate chip cookie from Lenny and Larry’s which is much lower in sugar and higher in protein. Or, she will also eat the White Chocolate Raspberry Bars from Quest which contains only 4 net of carbo and 1 gram of sugar.

Lower Body Resistance Training

Exercise is a must and in Adele’s case, she preferred to focus on lower body resistance training as her trainer recommended so. This exercise should be done 4 times a day and focuses on the lower body muscle groups. It turns her body into a very effective calorie burning machine. It should be done an hour after she took her booster pill because it was the time where her body had the highest energy levels.

After all those efforts, the answer to question of How much weight did Adele lose definitely is somehow just as expected.


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