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Precious loses weight is not surprising news anymore anyway. Precious, whose real name is Gabourey Sidibe, used to be fat or even overweight. However, she succeeds losing her weight up to 100 lbs. Now, she is less than 300 lbs. Precious is successful in losing her weight for only 4 months. Thus, what’s her reason for losing weight? Well, she did lose her weight because she was being bullied. Therefore, when she was about to film a new movie, she decided to lose her weight. Anyway, people now are interested in how Precious can lose her weight fast.

News about Precious loses weight

Being a Hollywood star is very enjoyable. It is because he or she can have access to the celebrity trainer or private nutrition expert. In Precious’s case, her coach asked her to consume such definite calories per day and eliminate eating some high-calorie foods. Ok, now, let’s discuss those forbidden foods.

  1. Sausage Pizza. Pizza, seriously, is a not only bad for our health but also for our weight. Since it is fast food, it does not contain any good protein. Precious used to eat Pizza joint (Papa John) which contains many calories. Even for two slices, this pizza does have more than 900 calories. Because Precious’ trainer knows that she likes to eat Pizza, he switches it with thin, crust, and organic Veggie Pizza. Veggie Pizza has at least 310 calories per two slices.
  2. Chocolate Ice Cream. Ice cream is another kind of food Precious loves to eat so much. She always ordered chocolate ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s. However, this ice cream is packed in over 1.000 calories per pint. Tricking this issue, Precious’ trainer suggested her to eat the ‘Artic Zero’ ice cream. This type of ice cream does have high protein but low calories (150 calories).
  3. Snickers Bar or Candy Bars. Most of the people, when they are hungry, they immediately eat Snickers Bar since it is easy to grab. Snickers bar and candy bar are often packed in over 400 calories. Precious now eats Cookies and Crème power crunch bars which contain only 200 calories rather than the Snickers Bar.
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Other ways Precious did

Did you think that avoiding those three foods above is enough to get rid of fat? No, it will not work without doing the other things. Then, what are the other ways Precious did to lose her weight fast? Well, let’s check it out below!

  1. Breakfast. Usually, for breakfast, Precious would have consumed whole grain oatmeal with an egg white scrambler. However, due to her trainer’s suggestion and the will to lose weight, she prefers green smoothie. Well, you could look for the receipt on the internet though. The green smoothie usually contains the ingredients which can stimulate the metabolism including matcha green tea, MCT oil, and cinnamon. After having breakfast, Precious also would consume 2 powerful all natural metabolism boosters to help to burn the calories. As for your info, green smoothie does not contain any sugar.
  2. Lunch. As for lunch, let’s go to the combination of slow digesting carbohydrate and protein. Eating chicken is okay. Well, you just need to avoid its skin because it contains fats. Tuna and wild caught cod are also best foods to consume. As a dessert, Precious would like to prefer a big bowl of fresh melon and pineapples. Again, after having lunch, she will consume the metabolism booster.
  3. Dinner. For dinner, Precious would consume a lot of Veggies until she is full. Also, she would avoid the sauce and dips. She did not drink any carbonated drinks, too.
  4. Workout. Having a meal plan is not enough, she also did the workout. She did some exercises to gain the weight loss such as the lower body exercises. However, she did legs and cardio routine often. It is about three to four times per week.
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Well, obesity has some negative impacts for anyone. You may even get the heart attack easily or other diseases when you are overweight. Therefore, it is best to go on a diet like what Precious did. Precious loses weight must be the inspiration for anyone who wants to lose weight.

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