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Ketogenic Diet Cured My Cancer

Ketogenic Diet Cured My Cancer, how this method was handled it? talking about diet, we definitely think this is the only way to lose weight. even though in the end we know that diet is a healthy way of life which can help our body metabolism to burn fat that can harm our health. but it turns out keto diet not only can decrease body weight.

this diet method was already known from several decades ago as an alternative treatment of various diseases. many of which I can find from the benefits of keto this diet. some other sources also mention the same thing, that ketogenic diet can help cure chronic diseases such as tumor cyst tumor and also epilepsy.

Health is something that is very important for our lives. When we are healthy, we can do whatever we want without being restricted. Dieting is one way to maintain a healthy example of ketogenic diets, the main goal of a ketogenic diet made is to cure epilepsy disease. But it turns out the ability of this diet method in losing weight makes a lot of people use it as their diet.

Here are how Ketogenic Diet Cured My Cancer, as we know cancer is a disease that has a high mortality rate. There is no cure or medical treatment that can really cure cancer thoroughly. However, ketogenic diets proved to prevent the spread of cancer cells from spreading in a person’s body so that they can survive longer.

A Relation Between Cancer and Ketogenic Diet

Can ketogenic diet cure my cancer: Cancer is a disease cell that has uncontrolled abilities that develop and divide rapidly. To meet the needs of carbon during cell division, cancer cells need food through different pathways than normal cells. Glucose is contained in bulbs, rice, and what is a very important source of carbon for the development of cancer cells because the amount of carbon content in these foods become the main raw material for cancer cells to multiply.

Cancer cells are actually normal cells that mutate due to mitochondrial deficiency. Because mitochondria are the energy generators that each cell must possess, caused by this lack of mitochondria that makes cancer cells depend on glucose sugar as the main fuel to multiply. Therefore, to stop cancer cells grow rapidly in the body, we must stop the main food supply which is glucose.

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Ketogenic diet method is a diet method that relies on fat intake as the main energy source in the body and cut off the carbohydrate intake in the body. In this method, we only need carbohydrates of 20-50gr /day depending on the weight as well as the number of daily nutrients a person has. Using method by reduced intake of carbohydrates that contain glucose then this method may be suitable if used as one way to cure cancer.

Several studies have been done to see the success and influence of this diet on cancer cells. Some studies have proven when we minimize the intake of carbohydrates in the body that attacked cancer cells. So, we have made the cancer cells weakened because there is no glucose in the body that he can use as his energy source.

In 1995, a case report on two girls with brain cancer was attempted to run a ketogenic diet test. After seven days on a pathogenic diet, blood sugar levels decreased and glucose uptake in the tumor area was reduced by 21.8%. One of the two girls received significant improvements or improvements in the symptoms that were felt and the illness did not get worse for up to 10 years.

Then there is also a study on 16 subjects with advanced stage tumors that have a state that has no choice anymore to perform conventional therapy. Subjects were asked to run ketogenic diet (carbohydrate 70 g / day) with normal type for 3 months by consuming the only diet of ketogenic diet which mostly in the form of fat and protein.

The quality of life of each patient will be examined using health parameters generally examined for a comparison before obtaining a ketogenic diet, then every 2 weeks until completion of the dietary intervention. The effect on metabolic changes is measured by the amount of ketone in the urine. The results showed an increase in emotional and reduced insomnia, and for other parameters remained stable or did not get worse. In this process, there were no serious side effects such as changes in blood lipid or cholesterol levels.

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References I Read Before Ketogenic Diet Cured My Cancer

After a lot of research about ketogenic diet on cancer, some people that infected cancer try a ketogenic diet for curing their cancer. Here are some testimonials that believe ketogenic diet cured my cancer:

  1. Dr Fred Hartfield is someone with a lot of work ranging from weightlifting champion, author, and businessman. Who will expect if an active person seemed to have a stage 4 prostate cancer that had spread to his bones? The doctor has diagnosed that he can only survive for 3 months because of cancerous cells that have spread to his body. He has gone to three different doctors and still gets the same diagnosis. This certainly makes the family sad and depressed, especially his wife. Then in early 2012, he was informed about a ketogenic diet that might cure cancer. Then he carried out ketogenic diet and managed to survive until more now.
  2. In 2010 Elain Cantin was diagnosed with breast cancer. Doctors say that his tumor is spreading so quickly that he has to undergo chemotherapy and radiation therapy. But he did not do both of these therapies because of his friends and relatives who had passed away during therapy. Elaine decides to find out more about cancer cure and leads her to a ketogenic diet. Then he began a strict diet of ketogenic to the carbohydrate intake caught 20gr / hair. And now the cancer cells on her body have cured.

Not only Ketogenic Diet Cured My Cancer, this diet method also can cure other disease, as we knew in the previous articles, keto diet is also cure the epilepsy symptom. At the last, I really thankful for this healthy life that keto diet offers!

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