Side Effects Of Ketogenic Diet On Good And Bad

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Side Effects of Ketogenic Diet

Side Effects of Ketogenic Diet? Do you know about diet? What do you think of when you hear the word diet? Diet is one of the ways that many people use to lose weight. But diet is not only used to lose weight. Diet can also serve as a thing to do to increase the muscle mass of a person, there is also a diet that is used to cure diseases and diet help person that need healthy living. There are many dictates by methods that circulate among the public.

Side Effects of Ketogenic Diet answering of the fact that not all diets can match a person, every diet has its own rules and someone should be able to choose the right diet method that best suits their body. One of the most widely discussed d dietary methods is the ketogenic diet method. Beginning to be used to treat epilepsy this method of dieting is widely evolved into a diet method that has a high success rate in losing a person’s weight.

Of course, before you decide to undergo a particular diet method, it would be better if you consulted your doctor first. Your nutritionist will certainly help you in making list of foods that are allowed and not allowed for your consumption, this will certainly ease your diet success is not it?!

It is needed to underline also that the diet is not actually directly meant to lose weight, but diet is a healthy way of life. If your life is healthy, then your metabolism is also healthy. This is what then makes your body work as it should be able to throw the calories in your body and process them without leaving a bad fat for your health.

Most people go on a diet because they feel their weight is disturbing and makes them uncomfortable with the difficulty of finding suitable clothes or the others talking about their weight. For that reason, people usually feel eager to go on a diet. Going on a diet may have many advantages to losing weight but doing a diet does not always have healthy side effects. Something excessive is not going to produce good results as well as in a diet. when the diet is excessive or too push yourself then the diet method will cause harmful diseases for our body. in this discussion, we will discuss good side effects of ketogenic diet and Bad effects of ketogenic diet.

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Good Side Effects of Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is best known for its success in reducing weight and ability reducing the development of epilepsy disease is one of the good side effects of ketogenic diet. Not only those two effects that you get from the ketogenic diet. There are still many kinds of good effects for the body when we run ketogenic diet.

  1. Lose weight; this is why many people choose ketogenic diet as their diet method. Replacing carbohydrates with fat and the process of burning fat into energy makes this method can quickly lose weight. some research revealed that someone who doing ketogenic diet will usually experience a decrease in appetite because the fat they consume fat that has a little time to burn into energy so they will feel full longer than when they consume carbohydrates.
  2. Normal blood sugar, with reduced intake of carbohydrates and sugar into the body, of course, will also reduce blood sugar levels in the body. This is good for people with diabetes. People with diabetes are very limited in consuming sugars and carbohydrates so this diet will be suitable if applied to people with diabetes.
  3. Controlling epilepsy, when fat is burned by the liver and produces a ketone that is channeled to the brain to fulfil brain energy. This substance will last a long time to make the brain performance longer and more focused. In addition to helping the brain’s performance of ketones also can keep brain cells from damage. Some researchers say ketone substances are also useful for reducing seizures in patients with epilepsy, not only that diet ketogenic also can prevent the risk of heart disease, Alzheimer and Parkinson.

Bad Side Effects of Ketogenic Diet

After we discuss the good side effects of the ketogenic diet that turned out to have very good benefits in addition to losing weight. But this diet also has bad side effects if we do not diet properly or when our body has just adjusted to the new metabolism system when doing the ketogenic diet. Therefore, you need to consider the side effects that you may experience when doing this diet so you can be more careful and not panic when faced with these side effects. The following side effects run ketogenic diet.

  1. Weak and dizzy, the main effect of running ketogenic diet, that is when our body will feel weak and dizzy. This is caused by changes in body metabolism that used to use carbohydrates as a source of energy into fat. To overcome this problem, consume lots of water and eat snacks such as nuts that have enough carbohydrate levels to balance your ketogenic diet
  2. Constipation, difficult bowel movements because our bodies do not consume much food so that digestive performance of the body is reduced. The fact that became the main food in running this diet also became one of the factors of constipation because the body will digest fat longer than the carbohydrate.
  3. Bad breath scent, one of the effects that will disrupt your activities while being on a ketogenic diet is the smell of the breath that will smell like the smell of acetone. This is caused by the ketone substances produced by the liver will be partly wasted with the breath then our breath will feel smelly.
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4.    The long-term effect, in addition to the effect of starting ketogenic diet. This diet also has long-term effects that will make you think again when choosing to use this diet. Long-term Side Effects of Ketogenic Diet are caused by this diet because our bodies also need carbo and sugar for health so this diet is not recommended for a long time.

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