Does Smoking Weed Make You Lose Weight? A Surprising Fact for Dieters

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Does smoking weed make you lose weight

Does smoking weed make you lose weight? This interesting question will about to meet its answer right away. When it comes to weed, most people agree that it is considered an illegal stuff that they choose to not touch or try it because they do not want to get arrested. But to some people, weed is considered a wonder because according to some studies, it has some positive sides to human health. Among the positive sides is the effect of weed to help with weight loss. Yes, some people have proved that weed can contribute to weight loss due to certain components contained in it.

It is somewhat perplexing though, the relation between weight loss and weed or cannabis. While it is true that cannabis does trigger appetite or what people call as munchies but it is also true that the regular cannabis consumers somehow have lower BMIs and smaller waistline. These two opposing facts are somewhat very intriguing and interesting to discuss. So, to find out how exactly the relation between cannabis and weight loss or weight in regular, we should take a look at it further. Read on the information below to find out the answer.

How Weed Helps Losing Weight

Let’s get to the facts, does smoking weed make you lose weight? Well, surprisingly the answer is yes. Weed or cannabis is known to cause munchies or craving appetite. In fact, some cannabis types are known to be significantly increasing appetite. That’s because the cannabis contains certain component known as THC or tetrahydrocannobinol. This particular component has special function to bind to special human cell receptors located in the brain. These receptors are responsible to trigger the release of ghrelin, a particular hormone known as hunger hormone. So, it can be concluded that cannabis high in THC is most likely to trigger hunger.

But not all cannabis types contain high THC. Some types contain lower THC which means they do not significantly trigger hunger or appetite.

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Cannabis Contains CBD

According to a research completed in 2012 and published in the same year, some types of cannabis have appetite-suppressant effects due to the components known as cannabinoids. These are active compounds. There are three types of this compound that include CBG or Cannabigerol, CBN or Cannabinol and CBD or Cannabidiol. While the CBN has effect to increase the appetite, the CBD has the opposite effect. CBD reduces the appetite which contributes to weight loss.

Cannabinoids Manage Blood Sugar

When a person has high blood sugar, it is more likely for him or her to be obese. But thanks to cannabis, it has the particular component known as cannanibinoids which work to help manage blood sugar level. It means that the regular weed consumers can enjoy better blood sugar control. Moreover, there is another component found in cannabis known as THCV or tetrahydrocannabivarin which surprisingly can improve the insulin sensitivity. Although the THCV alone doesn’t change the body weight significantly, it is still considered as new potential treatment for patients who suffer from obesity-related glucose intolerance.

This research result is also supported by another research by a British pharmaceutical company. According to this research, the cannabinoid has been proven to improve the plasma glucose levels and fasting insulin.

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Cannabis Helps to Stay Focus

What comes as another surprising fact is that the cannabis doesn’t always cause sedation or grogginess. In fact, some cannabis can actually help to stay focus. With the right strain, the cannabis can actually help the consumers to stay attentive, focused and alert. In other words, it helps to get in the zone for a while to handle or complete the task. Moreover, the cannabis also helps the person to get up and moving. It is a positive effect especially for those in diet because they become more motivated to do the exercises to shed more pounds.

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Select the Right Weed or Cannabis

As explained earlier that some types of cannabis have the effect to suppress the appetite better than other types, it is necessary for you to choose the right cannabis or weed to be put into your diet program. Mostly, the recommended types are those with high THCV, a particular compound that works to counter munchies effect.

1.     Durban Poison

This is a particular weed originated from South Africa. It is known for having sweet flavor. It definitely can pep you up. However, it should be mixed with mild indicia strain due to its anxiety effect.

2.     G13

This cannabis type is known for having pleasant earthy taste. However, overuse is not recommended as it can make you lethargic

3.     Green Crack

It is a cannabis type with sweet taste that is recommended for weight loss use. However, overuse is not recommended as it can cause disorientation.

4.     Super Silver Haze

It is another cannabis type with pleasant earthy taste. But make sure to stay active while using as it can cause lethargy.

With all those types of cannabis, the answer of the does smoking weed make you lose weight question is pretty clear.

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