Starve Cancer to Death with The Ketogenic Diet, How Come?

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starve cancer to death with the ketogenic diet

Keto diet is famous for its ability to lose weight significantly and quickly. But one more newly known benefits of starve cancer to death with the ketogenic diet. Although still a debate, several studies have proven the effectiveness of this keto diet in dealing with cancer cells. How to?

Is It True That Starve Cancer to Death with The Ketogenic Diet?

Initially, keto diet was developed and developed to treat seizure symptoms in children with epilepsy. This diet successfully decreased symptoms of child seizures by more than 50%. And now keto diet is popular among people because it is effective in losing weight quickly without having to consume drugs for diet.

Other benefits, keto diet can also help treat cancer. This is evidenced in a study conducted in 1995 in which keto diet was given to 2 children with brain cancer. As a result, tumor cell volume decreases and life expectancy increases. One child recovers after 12 months and lives until the age of 10 years.

Following this study, further studies were conducted to examine the effects of diet on keto diet in end-stage cancer patients where conventional treatment is given did not have an impact on cancer. It turns out that the quality of life of cancer sufferers improved after a keto diet for three months. In addition, the emotional level of cancer patients becomes more stable and the quality of insomnia is reduced. Some other symptoms do not get worse but become more stable. Side effects are also not found during this keto diet. Even the blood lipid (cholesterol levels) did not change.

Starve Cancer to Death with The Ketogenic Diet: Knowing the Relation

Several studies to see the effects of keto diet on cancer were performed on mice. Known keto diet turned out to significantly increase the effect of anti-tumor radiation when curing malignant brain tumors in mice. Specifically administered rats were adapted to the commercially available keto diet intake, then the results were calculated and compared with rats given standard diet. From there it can be concluded that diet in keto diet can help in planning treatment of cancer for people suffering from malignant brain tumor.

There were also studies that restricted caloric intake as a potential alternative therapy for brain cancer. The result, keto diet with the calorie restriction of food was effective to suppress the growth of brain tumors in animals and humans. The keto diet works by reducing inflammation in the body, preventing cancer cells from creating new arteries in order not to get blood and oxygen supply, and restoring and replacing the body’s mechanisms so that it returns to normal.

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The keto diet keeps the body in ketosis (the body uses ketones as a source of energy instead of glucose). In some studies, ketosis stabilizes or causes partial regression of advanced cancers. This is a preliminary study conducted only on 10 patients with advanced cancer with different types of cancer. The study was conducted to see if more research is needed in the future.

During a keto diet, the body automatically reduces the levels of the insulin hormone. Experts do research whether by reducing the amount of hormone insulin produced by the body can limit or inhibit the growth of cancer cells. When carbohydrate intake into the body is reduced, the amount of insulin hormone naturally becomes lower so that the body goes into ketosis condition. From the research note that subjects who experienced ketosis conditions showed signs of disease stabilization suffered. However, further research should be done to see if the decrease in the amount of insulin hormone can be used as a complement to using in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments.

From the research also known that the supplementation of ketones prolongs the survival of mice that have metastatic cancer. In this study, given a standard diet and consume one of two types of ketone supplements in mice, the results of both supplements given altered by the body into ketone and rat compounds have longer survival rates.

Keto diet feeds the body without feeding on cancer cells. To work properly, the brain needs glucose for 24 hours. But because the metabolism of cancer cells depends on glucose, when the body consumes carbohydrates or sugar, it means the body feeds the brain and cancer cells for 24 hours a day. But with the keto diet, the body will use other fuels to produce better energy from glucose, the ketone. Ketones are self-produced by the body in the liver by altering the intake of incoming fat. Ketones will be used as a source of energy for the brain without being used by cancer cells. That’s why cancer cells will starve in the absence of glucose because the body uses ketones as energy fuel. Low levels of glucose in the blood inhibit the growth of cancer cells and inhibit its spread to other parts of the body.

The conclusion is, there are many benefits you can get from this keto diet on cancer you are suffering from. So, what if you want to start diet keto?

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How to Start the Keto Diet to Treat Cancer?

Deciding to undergo keto diet in cancer patients should be preceded by consultation with a doctor. It is feared keto diet will affect the effectiveness of drugs or other treatments that are being undertaken. Doctors can also advise how to go keto diet well. Here are some tips you need to consider if you want to start the keto diet.

  • Remove foods that do not support keto dietary rules and replace them with keto-friendly foods that you can consume. By removing all non-keto foods from home, you will not be tempted to taste them and keto diets will be easier.
  • In a day, less time to eat large twice a day or intermittent fasting. This will help you in suppressing your appetite so you will not eat much. Reducing eating to two times a day will make you feel easier to go keto diet and you will get the benefits of cancer against fasting done.
  • Consumption ½ teaspoon of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) oil into your meal at breakfast in the morning. This oil will help your body in raising levels. Or, you can also add this oil to coffee, tea, juice or smoothie which is not added sweetener. Consider also to use exogenous ketones to obtain increased levels of higher ketones in the body.
  • Make your own keto food at home. In addition to healthier, you also know what ingredients are contained in it and can regulate the levels of nutrition in accordance with keto dietary rules. Recipes keto diet many circulating on the internet, or you can also buy a special keto recipe book.

If your doctor allows you to follow this diet, start to starve cancer to death with the ketogenic diet immediately. This keto diet can also be safely performed with radiation therapy or chemotherapy. But of course, it should be based on doctor’s advice!

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