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Targeted Ketogenic Diet

Targeted Ketogenic Diet is widely used by someone who wants to increase muscle mass in the body. In this trial, we will discuss more other types of ketogenic diet that is, Target Ketogenic Diet. We have already discussed the type of ketogenic diet that is cycling the ketogenic diet in which this method allows us to eat the right time for 1 week. Within 1 week we do sports for 5 days and 2 days we have time to be able to eat carbohydrates.

what is a ketogenic diet targeted? is the function of a targeted ketogenic diet? how do we go about targeted ketogenic diets?

What is a Targeted Ketogenic Diet?

The targeted ketogenic diet is a combination of the standard ketogenic diet method and the method of cycling ketogenic diet. During the standard method of dietary ketogenic, we are prohibited to consume carbohydrates by cycling our ketogenic diet which is allowed to consume carbohydrates as long as it is balanced with exercise. With these two methods then we will get a Target Ketogenic Diet in which we can consume carbohydrates in the time before and after exercise. But the number of carbohydrates that we can consume should still be listed only 20-50gr. With this diet is intended so that we do not feel very tired when doing sports.

So how do we do a targeted Ketogenic Diet? How to do that is to do the drying first. Preparation is done by doing standard ketogenic diet so that our body easier and more efficient. With that fat burned then our body will be easily seen. Accompanied by doing sports activities that are destined to lose weight we will lose weight and many proteins become muscle. Consumption did before the sport is to make us better when doing sports. Then, take the time to keep our body to have enough energy to continue the activity.

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Targeted ketogenic diets Usually performed by athletes to improve their abilities. The athletes usually do the dietary method of ketogenic diets that are targeted to mix the ball. Sports that typically use a ketogenic diet targeted at running, the runners will usually get more if consumed than the method that can increase the employee’s capacity, in doing the hard work.

by targeting the Ketogenic Diet, You do not have to worry because you consume carbohydrates because the carbohydrates you consume will be faster when you do sports. In addition, running exercise is also part of this diet. The weightlifting or the person who is performing muscle building of the body Usually use this diet because they can perform and store the volume of their activities with the quality of the body increase their energy.

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How To Perform Targeted Ketogenic Diet

In doing standard ketogenic diet we have a dietary intake of 70% fat, 25% protein and 5% carbohydrates. However, if we do target ketogenic diet then we can increase the consumption of carbohydrates by 20 to 50 grams. Consumption of carbohydrates is usually done 30 minutes before exercise and 30 minutes after exercise.

In doing this ketogenic targeted diet we should you consume drinks or food with protein content 20gr after exercise. 1 hour after exercise should avoid eating fat because fat will delay the formation of muscle in the body after exercise.

Make sure you keep your sugar intake on your body by checking and recording your carbs and sugar intake. The other important thing is the intake of vitamins and other nutrients, in addition, fat and protein you also need minerals, vitamins, potassium, calcium, and other nutrients that can help improve your body resistance.

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When you are on a targeted ketogenic diet plan then you have to balance your carbs intake in your body to make a plan or schedule that you can make your guide in doing the diet. with this guide or schedule, you can also manage to discipline yourself to continue dieting.

In making a list or schedule you should pay attention to is the day you are exercising and how many carbs should be in your body, it would be better if you include any menu items that you will eat so you do not have to hassle and confusion choosing food.

Examples of making a schedule or list of targeted ketogenic diets are, Monday, no exercise = 30gr carbo, Tuesday doing sports = 30 grams carbs + 20 carbs before exercise and 20 carbs after exercise.

Continue the schedule for a week or month. If you exercise every day then you can write and can consume carbs every day but still at the specified amount.

This schedule can be updated every week so you do not get too bored with the same menu or you can use it within a month depending on your own wishes.

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