The Relation Between Ketogenic Diet And Glioblastoma

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Ketogenic Diet and Glioblastoma – Everyone wants a healthy life. Avoid the disease and have a healthy body. With a healthy body we can do all the activities we want. But sometimes there are obstacles to make our body becomes weak and make the level of our body health is reduced. There are so many kinds of diseases that exist in the world.

But the deadliest disease is cancer. We often hear about this disease. How this disease causes most sufferers to give up with their lives. Why is that? Cancer itself known yet have a cure or healing process that actually can make the body of the patient to be healthy as usual. This causes cancer to occupy the position of the deadliest disease.

Cancer can be in any part of the body. Cancer caused by the random hormone trip resulted in the growth of meat at a normal part of the body is often called a malignant tumor. This malignant tumor that if this is not treated immediately will spread to the whole-body part and make the body cannot function properly. Very horrible, right? There is a type of cancer that is very dangerous for humans, glioblastoma.

Glioblastoma is a malignant tumor located within the brain that damages brain tissue. The brain is the main body part of a person because all parts of the human body are moved by the brain. Then what happens if our brain is attacked by a tumor? It was not good of course will happen, when the tumor glioblastoma brain is already on it will create its own blood supply to help tissue tumors that spread to all parts of the brain tissue. In this discussion we will discuss more about the relationship between ketogenic diet and glioblastoma.

Ketogenic Diet and Glioblastoma Symptom

The ketogenic diet is already proven to help cure cancer, this diet method is highly recommended in the treatment of this chronic disease. Some of the following explanations may help you understand how this diet method can help, and how ketogenic diets can eventually become the recommended method for treating chronic diseases such as cancer and epilepsy.

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Before we discuss the relationship between ketogenic diet and glioblastoma we will discuss more about glioblastoma first. When a person has glioblastoma in him then, the glioblastoma usually is already in stage 4 which in this stage glioblastoma tumor will spread erratically on the patient’s body and develop very quickly. When someone has glioblastoma, there will be some symptoms in the patient’s body due to pressure on the brain that result in the body of the patient. Symptoms of glioblastoma are divided into 2 parts, symptoms of increased intracranial pressure, these symptoms caused a gradual pressure on the part of brain tumors that causes the following symptoms. Here is a symptom of intracranial pressure that occurs in the patient depends on the location of tumor glioblastoma:

  1. Headache, this may be very commonly felt by the sufferer, because the pressure tumor on his brain will make the head feel dizzy and painful.
  2. Vomiting, the brain is the center of the body where every part of the body moves because of the brain. When the brain is disturbed it is likely to have an effect on the stomach of a person and cause nausea effect. This nausea will cause a person to vomit.
  3. Problems thinking, we think using our brains, but when the brain is in trouble then the process of thinking will be disturbed and cause us will be difficult to digest something.
  4. Mood changes, when we receive a good reaction then the brain will send a signal to the body that makes us feel happy. When receiving a bad thing the brain will work to react to the eye and make us cry. A person with glioblastoma will experience an uncertain mood changes due to a disturbance in the part of the brain caused by the tumor so that the brain cannot receive the reaction properly.

The second symptom is called a localized symptom. This symptom occurs in a specific part according to the disorder of the brain area affected by this tumor. this causes the sensory and motoric nervousness of the person’s body causing seizures and diminished vision of someone. The brain has a different function in each part of this location that determines where the brain tumor is located.

  1. Motoric cortical tumor, has symptoms such as seizures. this is usually caused by the flow of brain signals that move erratically resulting in tissue in the brain is disturbed the body will act in spasms. The seizures that occur have similarities with epilepsy disease where seizures will begin in one part of the body.
  2. The occipital lobe tumor, which causes symptoms of vision loss. Blurry view, our eyes are connected directly to the brain so when someone feels dizzy usually will impact on our vision that becomes a little disturbed, as well as people with glioblastoma due to pressure on the brain nerves that can cause our vision is disturbed and cannot see clearly.
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Ketogenic Diet Reduce the Glioblastoma

What is the relationship between ketogenic diet and glioblastoma? One of the symptoms caused by glioblastoma disease is the same seizure as in epilepsy patients. As we know ketogenic diet started to be created to reduce seizures as well as help the healing of the brain. Ketogenic diet method is to reduce carbohydrate intake and replace it with fat.

Reducing the intake of carbohydrates in a person’s body also means the restriction of glucose intake in a person’s body that causes the flow of glucose in the brain to be reduced. This can help make the tumors in the brain widen due to lack of glucose consumption that can help them spread widely. After, the tumor in the brain weakens in the absence of energy intake. Commonly the patient will perform therapy that serves to remove the tumor.

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