What A Danger of Ketogenic Diet Cholesterol?

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Ketogenic Diet Cholesterol

Ketogenic Diet Cholesterol The main concept is to reduce the amount of carbohydrate intake in the body and increase the amount of fat intake to replace carbohydrates as energy. But many people assume that the amount of fat in the body will increase cholesterol in the body where the amount of information we know, that the high cholesterol in the body can cause various diseases that are very dangerous like heart disease and stroke.

is keto diet good to do if it has dangerous side effects like above? In the discussion this time we will straighten about the notion of cholesterol that has been misinterpreted by many people. We will also discuss how the effect of ketogenic diet cholesterol on our body.

What is Fat beside the Ketogenic Diet Cholesterol?

Before we go into the related discussion of ketogenic diet cholesterol, we should know first what cholesterol is and what exactly is the function of this cholesterol in our body.

Much information we may hear and read that most of the harmful diseases that people experience is due to the high levels of cholesterol in the body. But is it true? Then where does the cholesterol come from that can interfere with the health of our bodies?

Cholesterol is a fat that exists in our bloodstream that works for the process of forming the walls of the cells that build the body, cholesterol is also needed for the production of hormones.

Then where does this cholesterol come from? What we know usually is obtained from the consumption of cholesterol meat or foods with high fat content. This understanding is actually not wrong but actually, our own body produces cholesterol. cholesterol is produced by the liver whereas already mentioned, that cholesterol is needed to produce hormones.

There are several types of cholesterol you should know. Cholesterol that you must know has 2 types of HDL and LDL. HDL is High Density Lipoprotein has a function to bring excess fat from the entire body and clean up excess cholesterol in the network.

Therefore, high levels of HDL will be needed by the body because it can prevent the possibility of fat depositions in the blood vessels. LDL is Low Density Lipoprotein in which LDL has almost the same function as HDL, in which it serves to transport cholesterol from the liver to all body tissues.

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But the nature of LDL is easily settled on the blood vessel wall so that this deposition is mentioned as the cause of various diseases. Actually, if our HDL level is higher than LDL level then LDL will be carried away by HDL and will be returned to the liver and remove it by bile. Therefore, the actual number of cholesterol reduction treatment in question is the decline in LDL levels above the normal limit of more than 130%.


What Is Ketogenic Diet Cholesterol? And is it too dangerous?

When we go on a ketogenic diet we will cut off the consumption of carbohydrates into fat consumption then, whether our cholesterol levels will rise? The answer is yes. But do not panic first because the rising cholesterol level is the level of HDL cholesterol in which this cholesterol has good properties that can lift LDL so as not to clog the blood vessel walls.

Therefore, we must be careful in choosing foods that contain fat when doing cholesterol ketogenic diet as well as, avoid foods containing bad fat. Choose foods that have a high fat content such as salmon, avocados and nuts. In the process, cholesterol ketogenic diet fat levels will be reduced a lot because the liver will convert fat into energy instead of carbohydrates which is usually a source of energy for us. therefore, Ketogenic Diet Cholesterol is actually good for our health as well as help increase the good fat content in our body.

But wait, how is cholesterol take the bad effects on our body? So, whether cholesterol is harmful to the body? The answer is no. Because with cholesterol ketogenic diet we can raise HDL levels which will certainly help bring HDL that settles in the blood vessels so that we do not have to worry anymore will the blockage that may occur in the body.

In addition to how to keep our food intake should also do exercise to burn the fat contained in the body so that LDL does not work too hard to crash the fat in the body to the liver.

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Cholesterol Deficiency

Is there an effect that will occur if we have cholesterol deficiency? Has anyone ever worried about the effects of cholesterol deficiency? Most people are more worried when they have high cholesterol levels.

Many people talk about and remind everyone that keeping cholesterol levels high and how a very dangerous effect will occur if we have high cholesterol levels. Various diseases like heart and stroke are among the consequences that will be caused due to the high level of cholesterol. do you know if the lack of cholesterol will also because bad things happen to your body?

One of the effects that will occur if you experience a lack of cholesterol in the body is the decline in sex hormones in you. as we discussed above that cholesterol is the most needed for hormone production, the hormone referred to here is the sex hormone that will certainly interfere with your sexual activity.

the brain has 60% Cholesterol content in it like where if the content is reduced? Easy to forget is a mild effect that will happen to you but does you know the harmful effects that may occur if you are short of cholesterol? easy depression and mental illness will attack you, you certainly do not want it to happen, is not it?

Therefore, keep cholesterol levels in normal circumstances becomes mandatory for us. by doing ketogenic diet cholesterol we can maintain high levels of HDL in the body that has the function of balancing LDL in the body.

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