What To Eat At The Vegan Ketogenic Diet Food List

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Vegan Ketogenic Diet Food List

Vegan Ketogenic Diet Food List is about what foods should and should be consumed by a vegetarian who is on a keto diet. Vegan ketogenic diet is a diet done for vegetarians. A vegetarian avoids meat or fish food.

Who says a vegetarian cannot go on this most popular diet? Keto diet does suggest fatty foods as a substitute for carbohydrates. While vegetarians do not eat fat from animals, yes! Animal fat! Then, how about some veggie fat? Of course, you can eat that! Read this through until you understand what you can and should eat to replace your only source of energy.

With the concept of reducing carbohydrates and adding fat to food to be a source of energy, how does a vegetarian implement ketogenic diet? In this article, we will discuss how to vegetarian diet ketogenic without eating meat.

I Am A Vegan Then What in My Vegan Ketogenic Diet Food List?

Rules That Must Be Applied to Vegan Ketogenic Diet! The concept of dietary ketogenic is to reduce carbohydrates and increase fat consumption to be used as a source of energy. While the concept of a vegetarian is reducing food in the form of meat or fish. But there are several types of vegetarians, vegetarians who avoid a variety of meat except for fish.

There are also vegetarians who avoid fish and red meat and only eat poultry such as chicken and duck. To get a source of energy vegetarians usually consume carbohydrates departing rice potatoes and yams to be a source of energy because they avoid the fat contained in meat. Vegetarians also usually eat sweet foods like fruits and honey to meet their energy needs.

Then how do vegetarians do ketogenic diets if their source of energy is carbohydrates and avoid foods in the form of meat that has fat, which is used as another source of energy in the ketogenic diet? We will discuss more about what foods can be consumed by vegetarians in a ketogenic diet. But first, we will discuss the diet to be considered by vegetarians in the diet ketogenic.

The most important thing we should consider in implementing the vegan ketogenic diet is the inclusion of carbohydrates in the body. For vegan ketogenic diets, we have to limit the entry of carbohydrates in the body to no more than 35grams a day. Then we also have to pay attention to vegetables that have low carbohydrates for consumption.

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Avoid any kind of meat both fish and poultry. We should get 70% of daily calories from fat consumption as well as 25% calories from proteins such as eggs and milk. To meet the nutrients of the body we should also take supplements containing iron and zinc. The rules should be followed for the success of your ketogenic diet.


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Food Choices for Vegetarian Ketogenic Diet

To get the source of energy needed by vegetarians we will discuss some foods that can be consumed by vegetarians when implementing vegan ketogenic diet. Foods that can be consumed by vegetarians at the time of this diet in the form, beans and grains, vegetables, fruits, meat special vegetarian or vegetable protein, eggs, milk and fat binders.

Nuts and seeds contain enough protein to consume nuts and seeds can help in your diet. pumpkin seeds or we are familiar with pumpkin seeds containing 30 grams of protein each in serving per 100gram pumpkin seeds also have a considerable carbohydrate content of 54 grams / 100 grams of pumpkin seeds. Limit if you want to consume pumpkin seeds.

Pistachio has 21gram protein / 100gram and 28 grams carbo / 100 grams of pistachios can be one of your food choices. Some of the vegetables you can make of your food choices are spinach, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions. To increase protein, vegetarians usually eat tempeh, tofu, and processed vegetarian meat.

Fruits are also very good for vegan ketogenic diet food list but in the vegan ketogenic diet is not all fruit can be consumed because of the sugar content contained in it. Fruit berries and avocados are a kind of fruit that is suitable for this diet because it does not contain too much sugar. Milk and eggs and cheese can also be your consumption of fat enhancers. Complementary other fat enhancers you can use olive oil, mayonnaise, and butter, and coconut oil.

What You Can’t Eat on Vegan Ketogenic Diet Food List

After discussing the foods, we can consume by vegan ketogenic diet, then we will also discuss what foods should be avoided for the smoothness of ketogenic diet that we do. Meat is the most prohibited food for vegetarians then meat should be dropped from the list of foods that can be consumed.

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Cereals, potatoes, and sweet potatoes have high carbohydrate levels so we should avoid the consumption of these foods. Fruits other than those mentioned above are prohibited consumed because it has a high sugar content considering the main concept of the ketogenic diet is to reduce carbohydrates and sugar levels in the body then eating fruits should be avoided. Bread and rice should be avoided. At least minimize the consumption of rice and bread so that not too many carbohydrates in our body and destroy our vegan ketogenic diet.

Some Food Recipes That Are Suitable for The Vegetable Ketogenic Diet; After knowing what vegetarian diet ketogenic diets we can eat as well as foods to avoid here are some recipes you can try to avoid getting bored with the same processed foods.

For drinks, you can make smoothies from berries, yoghurt, Almond ice butter and artificial sweeteners that have low sugar. You can unify all the material and blend it.

For food you can make salads or omelets, omelets made from eggs and grated cheese cooking using an olive oil can be one of your food choices. In addition to the boiled egg omelet then a small cut together with lettuce and avocado can be another alternative as your food choice on your vegan ketogenic diet food list.

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